Monday, June 23, 2014

What is The PonchoMeg Program?

The PonchoMeg Program is NOT your typical weight loss / fitness program - it's something special. My goal with this program is to help people to adopt new lifestyle habits in order to live their best lives possible.  With The PonchoMeg Program, I focus not only on weight loss and fitness, but also on health, diet, mental and emotional well being, spirituality, meditation, eco-friendly living, and each students' personal growth. I also put a lot of effort into "Positive Thinking Therapy," expressions of gratitude and charity, and helping others to embrace the gifts of Peace and Love that life has to offer.

The PonchoMeg Program is made up of:

-FREE online education, resources, information, and inspiration (on this page and the Facebook page)
-FREE Access to The PonchoMeg Program Official Amazon Store
-Low Cost and Donation Based Classes in Lansing, MI - incorporating group exercise, discussion, dancing, meditation, and more!
-FREE Spirituality assistance or guidance and low cost officiant services
-Games, demos, recipes, contests, discounts, giveaways, and MORE!

Who Should Get Involved with The PonchoMeg Program?

Anyone who is serious about losing weight, making lifestyle changes, focusing on fitness and health, seeking spiritual or personal growth, and simply living a better life! I provide a safe, loving, environment, both in person and online, where people are all encouraged to move at their own pace. Giving your life higher meaning, embracing health, and reaching enlightenment is NOT a race! Gradually, things will fall into place - and we can do it together!

But why listen to me? Well, I have the skills to pay the bills!

Related Training and Credentials:
-Fitness Trainer
-Bachelors Degree (BME) -Grand Valley State University
-Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate
-17 years of private lessons instructing experience
-3 years as a public school teacher
-4 years in the childcare field
-6 years in sales
-3 years in customer service
-5 years in the Arts and Entertainment Industry
-First Aid and CPR certified
-Bloodborne Pathogen Training
-Ordained by The Universal Life Church
-Ordained by Open Ministry
-Certificates in: Yoga, Establishing Positive Relationships with Families, Juvenile Diabetes and Celiac Disease, Bean Basics, Nutrition, What is Good Nutrition?, Organic vs. Non-Organic, and Nutrition to Teach Science.

I also believe in continuing education. I am currently training in the following classes/areas:
-Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
-Botanical Medicines
-Clinical Aromatherapy
-Healing Touch
-Music Therapy
-Practical Pointers for Group Fitness


If you live in the Lansing area, you can sign up for classes through The PonchoMeg Program. Most classes are set up in Month Long "Sessions" with 2 "meetings" per week (8 total), but there is also an open, donation based class every Friday.

SESSION GROUPS (Mon. / Wed.) - 2 hours
SESSION GROUPS (Tues. / Thurs.) - 2 hours

"Session" Level Options:

Where EVERYONE who is new to The PonchoMeg Program starts, no matter what their fitness level is. Because this is not your average weight loss / fitness program and we are making major life changes, it is very important to embrace The PonchoMeg Program from the beginning. Remember, this is about improving your mindset, your overall well being, your habits, and your life - not just about dropping a few pounds.

If you complete Session Level 1, you may then move to Session Level 2, which is a bit more intense. With more workouts, variety and diversity in routines, extended meditations, and a larger focus on making the BIG lifestyle changes, Session Level 2 is truly for those people who have committed to changing their lives for the better.

Session Level 3 of The PonchoMeg Program is maintenance. It is for those who have completed one or more rounds of Session Levels 1 and 2. Level 3 is great for those who have a hard time sticking to things, those who do better with maintaining good health and well-being in groups with support, and of course for those who just continually need new workout challenges, long to learn more about their bodies and the universe, and those who wish to become more enlightened. Session Level 3 is the most advanced level of The PonchoMeg Program.

OPEN CLASS - DONATION BASED - (suggested donation is $5)
The Open Class incorporates Aerobic exercise, resistance training, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, meditation, nutritional information, health and beauty tips, and MORE! It is perfect for anyone who just wants to test the waters of The PonchoMeg Program or needs another fitness class to add variety to their health and fitness routine. It is also great for anyone enrolled in a Session Level class, as it gives them another day of supported group activity during the week.

Saturdays and Sundays I am "on call" for spiritual emergencies (FREE), wedding officiant services ($100), and as a private fitness instructor ($10/hr.)


Q. Have YOU ever had issues with weight?

Me in 2009 - 198 lbs
A. Yes I have! My heaviest, most unhealthy times in my life were in college and immediately after college. When I graduated high school I was 134 lbs & by the time I graduated college, I was 186. At my heaviest, I was 198, just 2 lbs shy of 200. Granted, at 5'9", I didn't look grossly obese or anything at nearly 200 lbs, as the weight distributed itself pretty well, but I FELT terrible, and I didn't look as good as I COULD. Around the 198 lb mark I also found out I had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility, a gluten intolerance, dairy issues, IBS, massive tooth deterioration, Vitamin C and D deficiences, and unhealthy levels of fats around my heart. Around that time I also developed worsened seasonal allergies, would have fainting spells, and got sick a LOT! So, around 2009, I started making the choices that make up The PonchoMeg Program today and it has made all the difference...

Me in 2014! - 130 lbs!

Q. Once I pay the $25 for a class, am I required to buy ALL the products recommended?

A. No. You only purchase what you want to purchase. I will say that I believe in the products that I recommend to my clients, so I would advise that you at least consider purchasing a few of the products. However, you CAN benefit and see results from The PonchoMeg Program classes for just the $25 fee.

Q. If I miss one or more of my Session's "meetings," can I still complete a Session Level and move on?

A. No. In order to fully complete a Session Level and move on to the next level, you MUST attend all 8 "meetings" of the current Session Level you are on.

Q. If I come to one or two meetings and then quit, do I get a refund?

A. Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds at this time. Class size is limited, so I'm looking for commitment. If you pay for classes, but do not complete the classes, you forfeit your money. Sorry!

Q. I'm not good with computers. Can you order things through the Amazon store for me?

A. Yes, I can. You will have an opportunity to place orders with me IN PERSON at every meeting during your Session. (If you are NOT taking classes but still want to order from the store through me instead of online on your own, I am sure we can still work something out...)

Q. Are you really ordained?

A. Yes, twice over! I can offer spiritual assistance and guidance as well as legally marry people in the state of Michigan.

If anyone has any more questions, PLEASE feel free to ask them! I want to help the people of this world to live life to the fullest, to enjoy every moment, to feel and look great, and to reach a higher state of being. I believe we can do it.

Peace and Love to ALL!!!
PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian
Creator: The PonchoMeg Program